Executive Director

As a little girl, Yewande's only dream was to change the world like the pioneers she read about in the books that she treasured. At the height of conflict in America, artist-activists like Marian Anderson, Paul Robeson and Josephine Baker exemplified how music and the arts could affect social change.


While days performing with the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, Enrique Iglesias and India Arie may be impressive to most, it is Yewande’s work as an award-winning lecturer and social activist that has become perhaps her greatest achievement.


Since 2006, her humanitarian organization has used music to empower youth with critical life skills - education, health awareness, leadership and sustainable skills - to break the cycle of global poverty. The Change Rocks Foundation has produced programs for over 250,000 vulnerable youth, college students and professionals in 16 countries  from  Africa




*  Emergency Education (IDP) - Reading, Language and Math Skills

*  STEAM Education - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

*  Personal Development - Leadership, Health, Conflict Resolution

*  Sustainable Development - Social Entrepreneurship

*  Music and Arts Education - Singing, Acting, Dancing

*  Amazing Grace" Social Justice Musical


Yewande Austin

and Europe to North and Latin America. When she's not building villages in Africa, her capacity building organization ( produces programs that bridge the gap between diversity, leadership and social responsibility for college students and professionals. It is this passion for humanity that has inspired a movement heard around the world.



STUDENT LEADERS:  Ages 18-25  

*  Leadership and Team Building

*  Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

*  Sustainable Development - Social Entrepreneurship

*  Mentoring


PROFESSIONALS:  NGO, Government, Human Rights, Educators  

*  Curriculum Development

*  STEAM Educator Training

*  Diversity Training

*  Organizational Leadership

*  Motivational Development

*  Capacity Building (Internship, Apprenticeship, Mentorship)


change rocks


The Change Rocks Foundation produces a range of progams that address the needs of every global community. From vulnerable youth to NGO leaders and human rights advocates, together, we can make the world a better place for everyone!